Sunday, September 22, 2013

Change In Empahsis

Today's quote is from my pastor, who was talking to the children about Pope Francis.  "He hasn't changed one rule. Not one rule.  What he has done is changed the emphasis on love."  My pastor, like myself and so many people that I know love this man because he is emphasizing love.  We are in such desperate need of love in this world...we are all so hungry for more goodness.  We can't contain ourselves especially with this Pope. 

People were so hungry back when Jesus came...this is always how I imagined he would be.  Tough, no nonsense and full of love for humanity.

What have you imagined about Jesus?

** Thanks Lynda for letting me know my least it wasn't what my pastor actually said, he said "Jesus, I mean Pope Francis"  The 3rd grade Catechist immediately shook her head..."NOO NOO"  it was quite funny! 


Lynda said...

I thought it was a good mistake because many of us think Pope Francis is a saint!

Annette said...

I know...I think we are fast-tracking him. It is just so refreshing to hear someone talk in "love"!