Monday, September 30, 2013

Refining Fire

I decided that if time allowed I would take part in the Deepening Friendship Writing Retreat that Vinita Hampton is sponsoring on her blog through Loyola Press.  Today's topic is about the senses.  I need to begin by saying that I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment and that trying to take part in something that requires me to sit and consider is really a challenge.  But this spoke to me because of an experience that I had yesterday.

It was early in the day and already the morning had been a little rough.  We had planned to head to the Adirondacks to my sister's Summer home to visit her and my niece who was in from out of town.  Like many families, our family has a crazy schedule and at the moment I am balancing three active kids, three jobs and a college course.  I am a little stretched.  So, even though I wanted to run away to be with my sister and my niece, it was a challenge just to get there.  But after church, we did just that.  We ran out, changed our clothes, grabbed some Tomato Pie and headed north. 

On the ride the kids were quietly doing some more homework and reading, I too, had a book.  I was deep in thought, mulling over a situation that had me upset and feeling a little hurt...actually at that point, I was a lot hurt.  So, I went into my book...(which by the way is a Phillipa Gregory about senses!) and I sat there stewing. 

Somewhere, about thirty miles out I started asking God to take this hurt out of my day, I wanted to enjoy my day, but I couldn't get passed how I felt.  So, I just was doing a little prayer when suddenly, my husband turned the corner and there was one of the most relaxing and comforting smells in my world; a campfire.  I just inhaled....and inhaled and noticed that I was also smelling the leaves as they decayed.   For those unfamiliar with that smell, it is for northerners, distinctly autumnal.  It pulled me out of my hurt and into the moment.  It opened me up to the glory of the day.  It gave me insight to the bigger picture, the beauty that is always temporary. It reminded me of the fleeting season and that I had a choice, I could either stew in my own negative juices or take the gift that God was offering right there and then.  The funny thing is that it is hard to hang on to my hurt  when just by inhaling joy allows me to exhale that which was hurtful.  Is it possible that campfires are refining fires as well?

By the way, I know I didn't really follow the instruction but at least it got me to write!  :)


Lynda said...

Annette, God speaks to us and draws us to Godself in so many different ways. I'm so glad that you were able to get away as you have a busy schedule and getting away is difficult but it gives us an opportunity to have a different perspective.

Annette said...

Lynda! I have missed you! Did I tell you that recently? You are such a blessing to this space, thank you!