Saturday, November 9, 2013

MInd, Body Spirit

Began a challenge.  Wish me luck...I am beginning to feel my oats.  Time to bring my body back around to where my mind and spirit are.  Anyone want to join me?


Lynda said...

Perhaps I might join you if I knew what you are doing.

Annette said...

Ha! Well, for me it is weight loss and fitness, but each of us has a challenge, I think. It doesn't always take the form of something obvious. So, is there something that you need to challenge yourself in? (Is that proper grammar?) If so, join me and we can check in on each other. I am just making myself accountable. Let me know what you decide!

Lynda said...

I wondered if that might be the case. I need to be committed to that as well. Blessings and prayers as you meet the challenge that you have set for yourself.