Monday, December 2, 2013

Starting Over

I love Monday's when we are in a normal rhythm which means, I don't have to go into work unless I want to.  Then, I am able to go when I want to.  It is a good thing.  But I also like it because generally we are all up and ready for our work week.  Not so much with bright shining faces, after all, I do have teenagers, but we are up.  The house is usually a mess of sorts despite a cleaning on Saturday.  So I am generally in a good frame of mind to make sense of my world on a Monday.

This morning, I woke up with another feeling to start over.  I think that is what Monday means to me; to start over.  There is hope that I can make some progress in whatever I am working on.  So too with Advent. Perhaps in this season, I can make some progress in what I am working on.  Perhaps I can get a little deeper into the mystery of my faith.  Where Lent calls me to penance, Advent calls me to believe.  It whispers, ever so quietly with the lighting of a candle, to focus on what it may be that keeps me from a deeper and more authentic relationship with Christ. 

In a season rife with distraction the candle focuses me on what is real in my world; light.  Or, more plainly, the Light of the World.  There in the symbol of light is the relationship that waits for me to be willing and ready.  But I have to be willing to focus.


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Lynda said...

Annette, this is a very meaningful reflection. I was speaking with the people at RCIA this evening and encouraging them to be intentional in spending more time with our Lord during Advent in holy waiting for the birth of the Christ child. I like how you have expressed it - "But I have to be willing."